* Jonas Pasche <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-03-15 07:35]:
> Hi Payal,
> > I configured vpopmail-5.2 with,
> You should start with 5.2.1, which is the latest stable.

Thanks Jonas. This did the trick.

On a previously installed vpopmail system, how do I know which
parameters were passed to ./configure ? I have the directory in which
the tar file was untarred into.

> > Also should the tcpserver file be /etc/tcp.smtp or
> > /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp ?
> Both locations will work fine, but vpopmail will need root access if you
> want to use the /etc location.

What exactly do I do for giving vpopmail root access?

> > And address extensions=OFF as shown above, will it mean I won't be able to use
> > .qmail-payal-linux kind of addresses?
> No; these addresses will be handled by qmail itself _before_ vpopmail
> drops in (through being called out of .qmail-default) and work in either
> case.

Then what is the use of qmail-ext parameter for ./configure ?

Thanks a lot for the mail.

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