On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 08:16:35PM -0800, Greg Thompson wrote:
> ...everything is getting delivered to my domain and to the correct 
> users, and is being delivered to their ~/Maildir/new directory.
> The messages are in ~/Maildir/new, while vpopmail is looking for them 
> in vpopmail/domains/grinc.org/user/ , so since nothing is there, it 
> reports a successful mail check but does not download anything. 

It sounds like you have the domain listed in both control/locals and 
control/virtualdomains (probably added by vadddomain).

To have mail fro grinc.org delivered via vpopmail you should remove the
'grinc.org' line from locals, then send qmail a HUP.

> (I think it would be much more desirable to keep the actual mail
> messages in the home directory of the user they belong to.

This removes the need for vpopmail to handle the domain.


Cory Wright
Stand Blue Technology

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