Someone on the courier-imap list had posted an issue about problems using
courier-imap with vpopmail and Sam (Varshavik) had replied with:

>> Known vpopmail bug.  The vpopmail mailing list is down the hall, last door
>> on your left.

I responded with:

> Is it? Or would it be more accurate to class this as a known problem
when using
vpopmail with courier-imap?
> If you're sure this is a vpopmail problem can you tell us what the issue

To which he replied:

> The issue is that some function in vpopmail does not clear the buffer that
> holds the login id, and does not null-terminate the string.  Therefore, if
> the second login request uses a shorter loginid than the first loginid, the
> loginid gets garbled.

Is this something that we can track down and resolve?

Or is it not a vpopmail issue?

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