On Wed, March 26, 2003 3:01 pm, "Jesse Guardiani" said:
> On Wednesday 26 March 2003 07:30, Robin Bowes wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Someone on the courier-imap list had posted an issue about problems
>> using
>> courier-imap with vpopmail and Sam (Varshavik) had replied with:
>> >> Known vpopmail bug.  The vpopmail mailing list is down the hall, last
>> >> door on your left.
> Could you describe the symptoms? Is it an authdaemon issue? I don't have
> any
> background to work with here.

What happens is as follows:

login as [EMAIL PROTECTED] -> works OK
login as [EMAIL PROTECTED] -> works OK
login as [EMAIL PROTECTED] -> doesn't work

Notice that "user1" is longer than "user". The issue seems to be that the
previous login is being "remembered" somewhere along the line; I don't
know if it's within vpopmail or authdaemon or some interaction between the

As many people often say, don't use authdaemon and vpopmail works fine.
However, they don't work together very well because of the above issue.

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