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> >I don't believe the "Sent" folder keeps track of any size.
> >I looked and don't see any "maildirsize" files in "Sent" folders.
> >So it doesn't look like it counts against either user or domain
> >quotas. You'll have to take a look at the spec to be sure.
> >I don't believe the Trash folder keeps track of size either.
> It does, I'm sure. You may disable it (for example in sqwebmail and likely
> courier), but if you're a provider you're going to control all the space
> customers are wasting (specially if they are webmail users), including
> "Sent", "Trash" and additional folders.

Take a look.  I have IMAP customers and the "Sent"
folders are full.  No maildirsize files in there.

I think they should all use the main .maildirsize.
With courier and sqwebmail all folders are included except "trash", unless you include it with "--with-trashquota" configure option.

On my courier IMAP, when I see the total quota for a single user, it's included of all folders.

About the rest, I agree totally with you.



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