Hi Ajaj,

> But since all email files are "owned" by the vpopmail user that doesn't 
> give you much flexibility if you want to implement quotas on a 
> per-domain or per-user basis.

That's why Brian suggested to create each domain under its own system
user. It's easy, and it _works_.

Personally, I'm really bored by that domain quota question because it
just came up the 10,000th time on the list. System quotas work fine and
are a much cleaner solution than the fifth Maildir extension that's not
used by every single tool that uses vpopmail (vdelivermail, qmail-pop3d,
Courier-IMAP, sqwebmail, blahblahblah...). If there are ways to
circumvent domain quota settings, it's better to throw them away at all.

It's good practice to set limits _outside_ the programs that should be
limited. If you want to limit the memory of a process, you use
"softlimit -m <number>" around it instead of telling the process "I
know, you can use as much memory as you need, but please, use only
<number> bytes". The same should apply to quota settings.

However, that's my very personal opinion; feel free to discuss this
issue until its bloody end ;-)


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