> Hi baby_moon,
  > >   A user's quota is 1M, and some mails are in its Inbox, and I was checked
  > > its directory, the maildirsize file is there.
  > >   When I changed this user's quota to 3M, after a mail come in, the
  > > quota's total number is same as before. Who knows how to solve this
  > > problem?
  > It's not a problem; you're simply mixing things up. The maildirsize file
  > doesn't show the quota setting of a user, but the _actual size_ of the
  > Maildir, so changing the quota doesn't affect the maildirsize file in
  > any way.
  > The quota setting of each user is saved in the vpasswd file.
  > Jonas

One more note on this.

vpopmail uses user quotas as specified in the vpopmail
password entry, not the maildirsize file.

courier and other maildir++ quota compliant code uses
the quota as specified in the maildirsize file.

So if you change the quota via qmailadmin or vpopmail utilities,
it will update the quota in the password entry.  This is what
vpopmail uses to enforce the quota, not the one in maildirsize.

If you just "remove" the maildirsize file, it will automatically
be recreated (with the proper quota in it).

So it may be worth a patch to update the utility that updates
the quota to also remove the maildirsize file for that user.


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