Peter, thanks for the tip using quotes around the apostrophe when using vassuser. I was pulling out my hair trying every other kind of escape before the apostrophe. quotes around it works perfectly.

i'd also like to know where in the rfc it forbids an apostrophe because i cannot find it.

Peter Palmreuther wrote:
Hi Justin,

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003 17:06:03 +0200 Justin Heesemann wrote:

I'm trying to add a username of to'donnel using the qmailadmin interface
as well as on the command line with vadduser and I'm returned "Illegal
username".  Am I out of luck?

it is simply not allowed to have ' in usernames.
have a look at the rfc's ..

I wonder what part of the RFC exactly you're referring to?!?

I couldn't find the rule that forbids 0x39 in username.

Could you elaborate?

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