Hi Jaspar,

> is sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED], qmail just dumps it
> directly into user's mailbox,completely out of the
> spam checking task.

My understanding is that when delivering mail,
vpopmail looks for these files in the following order:


It will process according to the first one it comes
across, then stop further checking.

So what is happening in your situation, is the
.qmail-test file is prcessed by delivering the mail to
"user", and then no further processing is done (i.e.,
it does not then process the mail through the
recipient's .qmail* files).

As such, Aliases and Forwards will not be processed by

I am not sure why this was done this way, but that the
way it is.  If I was a coder, I would prolly see if I
could change that behaviour myself :-)


Alan Murrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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