I was happily using vpopmail 5.2.1 and qmailadmin. Everything was fine.

However, our clients demanded some form of webmail access, so after trying a
few packages, I settled for SquirrelMail (PHP pages that we could set to our
needs). SquirrelMail requires an IMAP server for authentication and
Courier-IMAP seems to be the fastest around and recommended by most groups.

Everything worked wonderfully EXCEPT for the fact that you could only
authenticate about 3 times before getting a username/password unknown error.
If I restart the Courier authentication daemon it works for another 3 times.
I even tried setting up a cron job to run a script as root that restarts the
Courier authentication daemon every minute.

The Courier IMAP list was the first place I searched for help but they were
adamant that the problem is with vchkpw and that I should upgrade to version
5.3.20. I have done this but still have the same problem.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else had this problem?

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