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On Tue, 27 May 2003 16:42:33 -0500 Dave Richardson - Lists wrote:

> I'm running the QMAILQUEUE patch with SpamAssassin into Vpopmail with 
> Mysql and Courier.
> I'm running SpamAssassin with spam threashold "required_hits" = 8.
> I allow direct delivery to the mailbox, but it is subject prefixed 
> "[SPAM]"  (thus it is Spam Tagged)
> What I'd like to do is add another "threashold" (probably in SA?) where 
> the spam score of >15 is sent to /dev/null.  Scores from 7-14.99 are 
> spam tagged (and delivered) and scores less than 7 are not spam tagged. 

Once there was a second threshold in SA that discarded mails with more
than score XX. But IIRC it's gone now and also sent an autoreply
instead of simply discarding the mail.
Additionally this would be of much use for you.

Qmail-scanner pushes a message to spamd. Even if spamd would decide to
discard the mail and return nothing to qmail-scanner QS would handle
this either as an error and pass the unaltered mail through or if it
would get back an empty message pass the empty message through.

So what you need as a modification to qmail-scanner that discards mails
with a score above a defined threshold by itself.

I'm using the "fast-spamd" method of qmail-scanner therefore it's easy
to figure out the score the message got. Modifying QS shouldn't be that
If you're using the method where QS passes the mesasge to spamd and
expectes the altered message back (instead of just the score) it could
be more difficulty.

As QS is pure Perl I'd suggest: go ahead, open a text editor of your
choice and modify QS according to your needs.
Pass the patch to the QS developer(s) and chances are it's included
somewhere in the next release and more people will benefit from your
idea and work.

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 Thank you.

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