You can run an Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam gateway with a lower MX value than your real mail server.
The gateway filters, cleans, and deals with bounces. "Good" mail is passed onto your mail server.
You can have multiple gateways at the same MX if you _really_ need to.

qmail-scanner with clam-av and spamassassin is a nice combo that has also been well documented.

Guillermo Villasana Cardoza wrote:

Yes I know that, but I do need to have the scanner in one machine and the mail
program in another, and qmail-scanner although it does stop a lot of virus, it
is not enough for me. (which by the way I am also using)

I have seen the bitdefender, has anyone used that one? or also I have seen the
panda software. Still I am not sure that panda works with qmail.


Qmail-Scanner works well and gives you the ability to incorporate SPAM

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 11:37, Guillermo Villasana Cardoza wrote:

Hi guys, do anyone know a good antivirus scanner that can be installed on


but not directly in the machine with the email server? and that works with


Firewall--->Antivirus Mail scanner--->Qmail+Vpopmail Mailserver

Thanks again

Ron Culler

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