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I've currently setup a webmail server using redhat+qmail+apache+courier-imap+php+vpopmail+squirrelmail through the help of Michael Bowe's Webmail Howto (thanks mike!). Everything is working fine as well as the squirrelmail plugins that I have installed. The only problem I have right now is this ,, I'm supposed to migrate all our old mail server's emails (w/ attachments) coming from our old mail server which uses visualmail (emails are stored in mySQL DB) and I have created a perl script to do is. The script actually recreates all emails based on a given template using all necessary mail headers stored on the mySQL DB and moves the recreated emails to each users mailbox under vpopmail's home directory. The problem is that after moving the emails to each users mailbox, I noticed that the quota_plugin (quota usage bar) no longer reflects the correct quota usage. So in the event that a user deletes his/her emails, the quota usage bar shows a negative value. Is there anything I need to do in order for the quota plugin to detect the emails? Can I reset the quota plugin so that It will be back to zero usage if I deleted all the emails?
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