I was going to say "check the archives" but they seem to be broken...???

A 5.4 stable release was just discussed at the beginning of this month.  I
don't know where you get "March" from, either, as 5.3.20 devel was released
4/10/2003 according to the Inter7 devel web site.  I've been running 5.3.20
for several weeks on a cluster with good success, so it is likely quite
deployable and probably not too far off from the 5.4 stable release.

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> Sent: Monday, June 16, 2003 3:07 PM
> Subject: [vchkpw] VPOPMAIL 5.3 release
> Hi Folks,
>   So I've been watching this list for some time as well as the
> development
> page, just itching to try out some of the new features available and
> reworking of many things.  I am building another few racks of servers for
> use in production, and am seeing the vpopmail 5.3 is still in development
> phase.
>   The last changelog entry is March, and it's seemingly fairly
> still in the
> past few months.  Any indication on a potential release?  Any thoughts on
> whether it's stable enough to be used in production at this point?
> Thanks in advance
> -M
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