On Monday, June 16, 2003, at 02:13 PM, Benjamin Tomhave wrote:
A 5.4 stable release was just discussed at the beginning of this month. I
don't know where you get "March" from, either, as 5.3.20 devel was released
4/10/2003 according to the Inter7 devel web site. I've been running 5.3.20
for several weeks on a cluster with good success, so it is likely quite
deployable and probably not too far off from the 5.4 stable release.

Ken Jones collected vpopmail patches about two weeks ago, but hasn't released 5.3.21 yet. I'd wait to check the ChangeLog of 5.3.21 to see whether any of the patches fix known bugs, or are just for new features.

We are pushing for a stable release of both vpopmail and qmailadmin soon.

Tom Collins

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