Hi Gonzo,

On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 18:40:02 +0200 Gonzo wrote:

> I have qmail and vpopmail installed.
> Getting mails for virtual domains works well, but not for local users.
> pop3d runs as root (so it has access to /etc/passwd), 

qmail-pop3d don't want to access /etc/passwd. In fact it does not want
to access any file for autenticating anybody.

> but I don't know why this error occurs when I wan't to get my local
> mail via POP3:
> The client gets:
> -ERR authorization failed
> Syslog prints:
> Jun 25 18:39:41 base vpopmail[24197]: vchkpw: vpopmail user not found
> phi@:

Are you sure you've compiled vpopmail with '--enable-passwd'???
_THIS_ error messages tells vchkpw searches vpopmail handled domains for
user 'phi', to be exactly it searched in a (presumbly non-existant)
domain with no name.

If vchkpw is not able to find a user in /etc/passwd the error message is
more like

vchkpw: system user not found phi:

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