I already have a qmail+vpopmail running... I've installed it about one year
ago, but now, I need to save all the users (and their messages) and put into
another qmail+vpopmail server.

To avoid problems, I've renamed all message files (because they have the
hostname of the machine on it), and using 'cdbdump' and 'cdbmake' I've
changed the path of each user.

But now, when I try to log on with some account, I found this error:

PASS *****
-ERR authorization failed

I was using vpopmail 5.2.1 and now I'm using vpopmail 5.3.20.. I've already
check the users database, and it seems to be the same between the versions.
I've read lots of papers about vpopmail but I haven't found anything about

Please, is there someone who can help me out?! ;)

[[]]s Eduardo M. Bragatto

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