Hi Eduardo,

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003 14:48:33 -0400 Eduardo M. Bragatto

[Authentication failes after migration]
>  Please, is there someone who can help me out?! ;)

- What do the logs say?
- What does strace/truss reveal?

P.S.: For future mails to this list you really should disable "Reply-To".
      Your reply to was set to
        "Eduardo M. Bragatto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>" <>
      Which means: send replies to the person named:
        "Eduardo M. Bragatto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>"
      with e-mail address:
      That's for sure _nonsense_.

      You should either disable Reply-To or set it to lists address, but in no
      case keep this one or set it to your address, as the latter would makes
      it unnecessary hard to reply to your posts on the list.

 Thank you.

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