We tried to migrate our mail server last night and everything was going
along well until we brought the new machine online.

We encountered a problem and I am not sure if it is a configuration option
or not, but I am looking for some guidance.

Our problem is when we migrated to the new server some of the mailboxes
weren't being delivered to.

We have maildirs in what appears to be two formats...

90% of the mailboxes are in the format of:


but there are some mailboxes in the format of:


Note the second one is missing the 0-9, A-Z directory structure.

We migrated from a 5.2.1 installation, to a 5.3.20 installation.

I don't know what the previous configuration options of vpopmail (5.2.1)
were, but the new one (5.3.20) was:

./configure  -enable-mysql=y -enable-default-domain=ala.net --enable-roaming
-users=y -enable-defaultquota=100
00000 --enable-clear-passwd=n -enable-learn-passwords=y --enable-mysql-repli
cation=y -enable-logging=p --enable
-auth-logging=y -enable-mysql-logging=y --enable-many-domains=n

Is there some configuration option that I am missing? I noticed that there
is a --enable-domains-dir=domains configuration option but I don't know if
that directly applies to me or not. Or --enable-users-big-dir.

Any help you can send my way would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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