Hi Jasper,

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003 12:29:53 +0200 (CEST) Jasper Metselaar wrote:

> IN      MX      10      mail.domain-owner.com.
> IN      MX      100     mail.mymailserver.com.
> How should I setup the domain so that my server becomes a fallback and
> that it delivers the e-mail to the primary mailserver when it is available
> again (in case the primary mailserver is off-line)?
> Thanks for any suggestions!

- Remove the domain from 'virtualdomains' for it only being in
- HUP qmail-send.
- DONE, if your server (mail.mymailserver.com) is able to figure out the
  MX record for 'domain-owner.com' as 'mail.domain-owner.com'.
  If not: 
  echo 'domain-owner.com:mail.domain-owner.com' \

P.S.: For future mails to this list you really should disable "Reply-To".
      1.) It's superfluous. It contains the same address as "From" and
          therefore is absolutely useless.
      2.) It makes it impossible to easily reply to the list for those MUAs
          capable of List-Reply by evaluating 'List-Post' header.
          'Reply-To' takes, for obvious reasons, precedence over
 Thank you.

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