On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 11:58:43PM +0000, Mike Miller wrote:
> [vpopmail - 5.3.20]
>     So I installed vpopmail and now I'm compiling courier-IMAP as a 
> non-root user (like a good boy).  Problem is, /var/vpopmail/lib and the 
> libvpopmail.a library are chmodded 700 without permissions besides root.  
> Maybe this should be 755 or 750 by default to allow such problems to link 
> with the static library.  I of course changed the permissions to allow 
> group permissions, but I think the default should allow.
> -M

755 would be a bad idea, since there's potentially sensitive information statically 
compiled into the librarys (like sql passwords) that could be easily read by other 
users. I usually just compile courier up to the point where it fails on that, then go 
back as root and re-run gmake. It finishes compiling and I've never had a problem with 
it. I think the correct solution would be fixing courier-imap to compile properly as 
root, but that's just my personal opinion.


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