AS far as I have ever understood, the problem with relaxing the
permissions on this directory is that libvpopmail.a contains sensitive
information hardcoded into the library.  Things like the mysql
password.  After you have compiled you should tighten the perms back up.


On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 16:58, Mike Miller wrote:
> [vpopmail - 5.3.20]
>      So I installed vpopmail and now I'm compiling courier-IMAP as a 
> non-root user (like a good boy).  Problem is, /var/vpopmail/lib and the 
> libvpopmail.a library are chmodded 700 without permissions besides root.  
> Maybe this should be 755 or 750 by default to allow such problems to link 
> with the static library.  I of course changed the permissions to allow group 
> permissions, but I think the default should allow.
> -M
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