Hey all--

I have recently installed a test system with Horde/IMP.  I'd like to use
the password change feature under Horde (sork/passwd).  The difficulty I'm
having is with the vpopmail+MySQL encryption.

Am I right in believing that the vpopmail+MySQL user passwords are
encrypted using MD5?  If not, what encryption method is vpopmail using and
can it be changed to a different method?

Here's the rub; if it *is* using MD5, then I'll have to recompile PHP to
include the mhash() function.  Currently, I'm using the PHP RHM from the
RH9 distro CD which includes all sorts of goodies.  If I have to recompile
PHP, I'll have to download a lot of source to add in all the functionality
that currently comes with the RPM version of PHP.  Big mess!

Anyone have any info/help/tips/warnings/fears/etc?


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