Hi everybody,

I am currently running a server with about 80 domains and about 30 users.
The server runs qmail+QMAILQUEUE+SMTP-AUTH+TARPIT, vmailmgr, daemontools,
dnscache, Squirrelmail 1.4, qmail-pop3d, courier-imap, and sslwrap for POP3
and IMAP. I also have Spamassassin and F-Prot included via Qmail-Scanner. I
additionally have several 'script' aliases (for example sending a mail to
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" will cause a specific script to be executed as the user
who owns 'domain.foo', where "XYZ" counts as a kind of password for this

Most users have several domains which I just created as aliases in the qmail

I have now been hit hard by spammers (some idiot spammer has been using my
domains as Return-Path for a week and I get about 20.000 "Undeliverable",
"Please confirm" and "YOU F*CKING SPAMMER!11!!" mails a day(!). I want my
users to be able to use TMDA for their domains and I would like a
user-friendly interface for this.

Now, using vmailmgr, I get the impression that most of the add-ons that are
desinged for virtual users are made for vpopmail. qmailadmin for example.
Also, I get the impression that vpopmail is much more widely used.

- Am I correct? Is it a good idea to switch to vpopmail?

- Can I use vpopmail and still have my users read their mail with 'mutt'
locally if they want? Some of the users have SSH access. I understand all
mail will be handled by the 'vpopmail' user, that might present a problem.

- Does vpopmail allow some domains to be excluded and just be forwarded to
eg. /home/jens/Maildir/? (I don't need my own domains to be split up - I
just use a couple .qmail files for @jensbenecke.de). 

- Is there a package of vpopmail that does not put everything in the
vpopmail home directory? I have /home mounted 'noexec,nosuid,nodev' (for
security) and I'm not about to change that. Binaries go in /usr/local/bin
or somewhere IMHO ...

Thank you!

Jens Benecke ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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