I'm migrating a customers qmail, vpopmail, etc from BSD to a machine
running RedHat 7.3.  I've got qmail and vpopmail running (as far as I
can tell), but when trying to use sqwebmail, it uses authdaemond.plain
to authenticate via /home/vpopmail/users/vpasswd.cdb

So with vadduser I can add a user to a domain, which is good, but only
adds their username/password to /home/vpopmail/domains/_DOMAIN_/vpasswd
and vpasswd.cdb.  But with authdaemond.plain using
/home/vpopmail/users/vpasswd.cdb, it doesn't see the changes made because
they aren't written to this file.

I seriously must be missing a big chunk of the picture because I can not
figure out how to make this work.  Anyone, with any help would be
greatly appreciated.


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