i am installing vpopmail with mysql support on cnetralized database
i have two system one is mail-relay and other qmail where user mailboxes
On both of these servers i have running pop3/imap, so i want that pop3/imap
will authenticate the users through centralized database.

BUt when i compile vpopmail with mysql option then it give errrors
vauth.c:1170:subscription value is neither array nor pointer
-----------------same two or three line-----------------
vauth.c:In function 'vcreate_lastauth_table':
make[2]:***[vauth.o]Error 1
make[2]:Leaving directory '/usr/local/src/vpopmail-5.3.14'

so can i compile vpopmail with  (centralized) mysql support on mail-relay
and qmail server. So that on both system pop3 and imp authenticate the user
throuhg that centralized mysql database.

ANy idea.

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