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It doesn't have to overwrite files.  And why wouldn't it see "hidden" folders (by which, I'm assuming you mean folders starting with ".").  I've done this in the past and it seems to work fine.  Test it on the side, just to be safe and sure, but I believe you can just do "cp -R --reply=no user1/Maildir user2/".
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Subject: [vchkpw] Merging Maildirs

I have searched the mailing list archives but haven't been able to find anything on my subject.
I have two maildirs that both contain emails and folders and I want to merge all of the email into one maildir. I am hoping that someone has had to deal with this before and has already writen a script or program that will do it. I know that I could just 'cp' the maildir to the other but that will overwrite the files. 'cp' also doesn't pick up the hidden folder dirs. I was thinking about writing a shell script with a 'for loop' to copy all the files and dirs but I just hope that someone has already done that work.
Joe H.

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