i'm about to upgrade from vpopmail 5.3.18 to 5.3.20. i'm also going to upgrade qmailadmin to the latest dev version.

i have until now been running with user quotas set via vqadmin, so for example in vqadmin for domain example.com, i would fill in the quota field with


and that would automatically set the quota that each user within that domain gets when the customer creates a new account.

i now want to convert to domain quotas, wherein i give the domain a 'bulk' quota, then the customer can allocate individual user quotas within that total. but i'm a little confused about a couple of things:

1. if i upgrade vpopmail with the --enable-domainquotas=y setting, will that then cause all already existing domains to 'break' - that is, will the existing per-user quota that's already in place suddenly become the domain quota, rendering the existing users quotas as consuming more than the global quota causing mail to bounce until i can update them by hand? (hope that makes sense)

2. when setting the new domainquota, does it accept the quota value identically to the user quotas? the example in README.quotas simply says to add for example
quota 50

to .qmailadmin-limits. if i have a domain with 20 users, 50meg quota per user, and 5000 message quota per user, would that mean i'd enter

quota 1000000000S,100000C

?? i presume that's not right (the math notwithstanding!) - i would presume that the domain quota is only for disk usage, not message counts. true?

3. when implementing domain quotas - does it automatically change how the domain quota is interpreted in vqadmin? if i set the quota there, will that then become the domain quota, or is that field interpreted only as the user's default quota?

4. the example shown from README.quota also differs from the format of an existing .qmailadmin-limits file on my system, e.g.

cat .qmailadmin-limits
maxpopaccounts: 51
maxaliases: 51
maxforwards: 51
maxautoresponders: 51
maxmailinglists: 51
default_quota: 100000000S,5000C

is it true i'd add the domain quota as

quota xxxxxxxxxxx

rather than

quota: xxxxxxxxxxx


lots of questions. sorry. hope i'm not retreading already answered stuff, but i'm a continuous subscriber for a long time, and i don't recall seeing these issues brought up.


Paul Theodoropoulos

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