On Saturday 19 July 2003 12:01, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> so gee, did i really stump the stars on this one? nobody out there has
> converted to domain quotas?

Very few, I'd bet.

I took a look at the new domain soft quota code a few months ago (you
might remember the heated discussion I had with the author), and finally
came to the conclusion that this code is definately NOT ready for prime

It's a valiant attempt, but it is buggy and fatally flawed in that it won't play
nicely with maildir++ applications like sqwebmail, Courier-IMAP, or maildrop.

Stick with hard filesystem domain quotas, install that qmailadmin patch
that was floating around last year (it gave qmailadmin domain admins
the ability to reconfigure user quotas under a set domain limit), or
forget it.

That's MHO, and I'm sticking to it.

I think that if we really want domain quotas (and I, for one, do!) then we
need to get together with Sam of Courier IMAP fame and create a new
maildir+++ specification that will accomodate domain quotas. That way
everyone can continue playing nice together.


> At 11:42 AM 7/18/2003, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> >i'm about to upgrade from vpopmail 5.3.18 to 5.3.20. i'm also going to
> >upgrade qmailadmin to the latest dev version.
> >
> >i have until now been running with user quotas set via vqadmin, so for
> >example in vqadmin for domain example.com, i would fill in the quota field
> > with
> >
> >50000000S,5000C
> >
> >and that would automatically set the quota that each user within that
> >domain gets when the customer creates a new account.
> >
> >i now want to convert to domain quotas, wherein i give the domain a 'bulk'
> >quota, then the customer can allocate individual user quotas within that
> >total. but i'm a little confused about a couple of things:
> >
> >1. if i upgrade vpopmail with the --enable-domainquotas=y setting, will
> >that then cause all already existing domains to 'break' - that is, will
> >the existing per-user quota that's already in place suddenly become the
> >domain quota, rendering the existing users quotas as consuming more than
> >the global quota causing mail to bounce until i can update them by hand?
> >(hope that makes sense)
> >
> >2. when setting the new domainquota, does it accept the quota value
> >identically to the user quotas? the example in README.quotas simply says
> >to add for example
> >         quota 50
> >
> >to .qmailadmin-limits. if i have a domain with 20 users, 50meg quota per
> >user, and 5000 message quota per user, would that mean i'd enter
> >
> >         quota 1000000000S,100000C
> >
> >?? i presume that's not right (the math notwithstanding!) - i would
> >presume that the domain quota is only for disk usage, not message counts.
> > true?
> >
> >3. when implementing domain quotas - does it automatically change how the
> >domain quota is interpreted in vqadmin? if i set the quota there, will
> >that then become the domain quota, or is that field interpreted only as
> >the user's default quota?
> >
> >4. the example shown from README.quota also differs from the format of an
> >existing .qmailadmin-limits file on my system, e.g.
> >
> >cat .qmailadmin-limits
> >maxpopaccounts: 51
> >maxaliases: 51
> >maxforwards: 51
> >maxautoresponders: 51
> >maxmailinglists: 51
> >default_quota: 100000000S,5000C
> >
> >is it true i'd add the domain quota as
> >
> >         quota xxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> >rather than
> >
> >         quota: xxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> >?
> >
> >lots of questions. sorry. hope i'm not retreading already answered stuff,
> >but i'm a continuous subscriber for a long time, and i don't recall seeing
> >these issues brought up.
> >
> >thanks.
> >
> >
> >
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> Paul Theodoropoulos
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