This release is mainly a collection of bug fixes. We're moving toward a 5.4 stable release of vpopmail, so please test this release thoroughly (if possible). If you know of any outstanding bugs in 5.3.20 that weren't fixed in this release, or find any new bugs in 5.3.21, please post them to the list, or to the Bug Tracker on SourceForge.

I already have one bugfix (from Moshe Jacobson) in my pre-release copy of 5.3.22 that corrects a problem with the maildir_to_email() function when dealing with hashed domain directories.


Ole Gjerde
- Check return code from vdeliver_mail in valias code and exit
  appropriately on errors.  Previously, mail could be lost.

Cory Wright (and others)
- Fix missing "\" in multi-line #define in vmysql.h.

Maurice Snellen
- When logging POP3 logins, now includes system accounts.

- Ignore comments when processing .qmail files.

Moshe Jacobson
- Allow colons in cleartext passwords (vqpasswd() in vpopmail.c).

Jonas Thomsen
- Ignore final '.' in users/assign when running 'vconvert -c -m'.

Michael Bowe
- Remove debug printfs from vdelivermail on overquota bounces.

Jeff Hedlund
- Ignore comments when processing .qmail files.
- Process .qmail file when delivering to local (Maildir) catchall.
- vdelivermail now properly sets [EMAIL PROTECTED] and sets Deliver-To
  header on local deliveries.

Tom Collins
- Fix usage formatting on vconvert.
- Support for MB/KB quota formats in vmoduser.

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