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Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2003 2:01 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] PATCH: alllow content directory to be specified adding a
new domain

> PATCH: alllow content directory to be specified adding a new domain
> --------------------------
> Attached is a diff against 5.3.21 which adds the ability to utilize any
> directory as the content directory, rather than simply as the domains
> directory.  We use this for a hosting provider who wants to store users
> in their homedirectories.  This aids backup (as one can backup their
> homedirectory with all of their users and IMAP-stored mail), security (as
> users own their own mail folders) and means that users who operate ezmlm
> mailing lists (for example) can access their archives (formerly, they are
> restricted by the ~vpopmail/domains folder with it's 700 permissions as
> as the user folder.
>   It looks like a hack, however allowing a user to specify
> ~username/domain.com/mail  as their domain folder is I'm sure a beneficial
> feature to many who use similar situations as myself.  It could be easily
> integrated.
>   The only other thing that would need moficiation would be vqadmin, as I
> added a parameter to vadddomain.  Simply defaulting to a 0 in this
> parrameter when called in vqadmin would suffice in the short run to keep
> things working.  qmailadmin doesn't add domains, and no other functions in
> the source appear to call this.
> Thoughts?  Anyone else potentially find something like this useful to
> perfect and integrate?

Definately useful, makes it even easier to scale across multiple NFS
servers. Have one where you can specify the user directorys, as well? =)


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