I have some dificulties with vpopmail (or qmail perhaps):

1. I cut&paste
# /var/qmail/bin/qmail-popup serlocal.casa qmail-pop3d
pass jotaka
-ERR unable to write pipe

I've checked the script /var/qmail/supervise/pop3d/run and permissions but I
don't find the cause.

2. I can't tlenet 110 from remote, but I can in local. I can
connect by telnet to on port 25 (SMTP). So, I can send message
by I can't download message.

The logs does'nt show any error. That's my pop3d log

[EMAIL PROTECTED] qmail-pop3d]# tail -f current
@400000003f2573370c6a8cfc tcpserver: pid 16199 from
@400000003f2573370c75fac4 tcpserver: ok 16199 localhost:
@400000003f25735a16cc3c2c tcpserver: end 16199 status 256
@400000003f25735a16cc539c tcpserver: status: 0/100
@400000003f2587ce2d7ef324 tcpserver: status: 1/100
@400000003f2587ce2d7f06ac tcpserver: pid 16422 from
@400000003f2587ce2d959804 tcpserver: ok 16422
mail.serlocal.casa: :
@400000003f2587d406b19d8c tcpserver: end 16422 status 256
@400000003f2587d406b1b114 tcpserver: status: 0/100
@400000003f2633153312bec4 tcpserver: status: 0/100

It doesn't change when I try telnet from remote, but it do when I do telenet
from local.

I supose this both problems are related, but I'm not sure.

Server: Linux Red Hat 9 in a AMD 1300, 512 Mb RAM, IDE 40 Gb. Apache. SSH.
Remote: Windos XP.
( is my mail IP in serlocal.casa server)

Linux is not connected internet, only to the windows machine (this one is
connected to internet by ADSL and to the Linux server by ethernet).

Please, I'm becoming silly with this problem....... <: )

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