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Hi lixiang,

>       i  removed the cdb file, then  the problem is solved. thank you . :-)
>       then , everything seems normal, except the pop authentication.  if i

Fine ;-)

> telnet localhost 110, and input the correct username and password, it
> reports:
>       err aack, child crashed.

OK, I use courier pop3d which works fine, so you might try this one.
One very important parameter is to tell courier to do vchkpw - - auth

AUTHMODULES="authcustom authvchkpw"

So add this line to your courier-pop3d conf-file than it should work.

If this doesn't help, have a look at you syslog if there is any LDAP-query and 
what is the result. So please post your syslog when this error occurs !


@LIST OK, next time I will post patches to SF, sorry for that mistake ;-) 

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