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>Hi, I have an qmail/vpopmail/courierimap/sqwebmail-server. And, I have a
>I?m not really sure if it is about the vchkpw -program, but that?s my
>The problem is, that if I start the imapserver, and/or the
sqwebmailserver, the first minutes I can log in without any problems, or
let?s say, the first time. But, when I try to login in again, with the same
account or with another, authentication fails.. Whery strange. I uses
plain-password style for authdaemond.plain for imap. For the local users
/etc/passwd the problem inly apears sometimes.
I think this problem is with authdaemond?

Solution: Do not use authdaemond.

You think wrong. The problem is with vpopmail. See the archives, maybe it
will get fixed someday.


Well, thanks, but how do I get the archives? Im a new user on the list.

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