On Tuesday 29 July 2003 15:58, Jens Jahr wrote:
> SÚrgio Manuel Rosa wrote:
> > Jesse Guardiani writes:
> >> On Monday 28 July 2003 20:05, SÚrgio Manuel Rosa wrote:
> >>> Hi List,
> >>> I've got to build a new server. This server is going to hold a great
> >>> number
> >>> of users and a lot of traffic.
> >>> My question is: should I use mySQL, ldap or none?
> >>
> >> MySQL.  Without a doubt.
> >
> > Thanks Jesse,
> > I was guessing that... Well it's never late to learn new stuff.
> > Regards
> > srosa
> Hi Jesse,

First of all, you're talking to the wrong person. I recommended MySQL,
but I didn't ask the original question.

> bevor you decide to choose mySQL make your mind clear about the
> follwoing things:
> - are you able to replicate your database with mySQL ?


> - are these tables tranactional based  in mySQL ?

vpopmail doesn't use transactions and rollback. What's your point?
But yes, MySQL supports transactional tables in version 4.0. They're
called innodb.

> - are you able to do __consistent__ online backups with mySQL ? ( dont
> bother me with any mysql-dump scripts ... or something like that ... )

Ever heard of a tape drive? Yes. Yes you can. In a variety of ways.

> - did you ever do a disaster recovery with mySQL ?

Yup. No problem.

> - are you able to extend/migrate you database with mySQL ?

I'm  confused. I thought this was for a vpopmail/qmail mail server.

What would he be extending to? What would he be migrating to?
And yes, you CAN migrate if needed. It's SQL.

> so if you really plan to setup a huge server which has to fit these
> point... well, things twice ;-))

Sounds like you've had problems with MySQL in the past, but I think
your concerns are unfounded. I've personally been running MySQL
for over a year now with no trouble, and my employer has been running
it for many years before that. What's more, MySQL keeps getting better.

In short, I know that MySQL is a good choice for vpopmail/qmail mail
servers from experience.

> There are more database backend's , e.g. oracle with totally fulfill
> these points.

And cost more money for the same functionality too.

> if you are not familiar with these point , than you should choose mySQL.

I just don't understand your reasoning here.

> Cheers
> Jens

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