I set a qmail, vpopmail server with vpopmail-5.3.23.
and config it as:

./configure \
  --enable-roaming-users=n \
  --enable-logging=p \
  --enable-defaultquota=20971520S \
  --enable-ip-alias-domains=n \
  --enable-domainquotas=y \
  --enable-passwd=n \
  --enable-clear-passwd=y \
  --enable-mysql=y \
  --enable-incdir=/usr/include/mysql \
  --enable-libdir=/usr/lib/mysql \
  --enable-many-domains=y \
  --enable-auth-logging=y \
  --enable-mysql-logging=y \
  --enable-valias=y \

there is only one domain now in this box -- testmail.com
with command
#~vpopmail/bin/vadddomain testmail.com
and my box's hostname is mx.testmail.com
and my 
cat /var/qmail/control/defaultdomain
cat /var/qmail/control/me
cat /var/qmail/control/locals

and the result of dns check
#dig mx testmail.com is:
testmail.com.             31506   IN      MX      0 mx.testmail.com.

but, later, after adding the first domain, 
 no matter what I change /var/qmail/control/defaultdomain 
with "testmail.com" or "mx.testmail.com", I only can do login
by full name, for instance, [EMAIL PROTECTED],
and I do not know what is wrong with it, and I ever setup vpopmail
with vpopmail-4.9.10, and this is the first time using vpopmail-5.3.23,
and is there something wrong with the configure?? or 
some control file in ill-usage??

Thanks advanced. 

T. J. Ch

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