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Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 1:24 PM
Subject: Re: [vchkpw] why my vpopmail can not set default domain ??

> yes, you are right, so, I did not see this option when I configured
> but, as you said, I
> #echo 'testmail.com' > ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain
> and then reboot my computer, I still need login with full name, what is
wrong ?

I am using 5.3.23 on my server here and that new
function seems to work ok for me

Are you sure you echo'ed the right thing to that file?

>From your original post it sounds like you did

  echo "mx.testdomain.com" > ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain

when I would think that the correct command would have been

  echo "testdomain.com" > ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain

Perhaps do a
  cat ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain
to verify you have got the right domain stored there

Also, it couldnt hurt to go back to your vpopmail 5.3.23 dir and run
  make clean
  ./configure  ...
  make install-strip

And then dont forget you need to re-build any add-on apps that use vpopmail
eg qmailadmin, courier-imap, sqwebmail etc


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