Hi Kenneth,

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003 17:48:15 +0800 Kenneth Ling wrote:

>> why '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' /NEVER/ can be a /SYSTEM ALIAS/ when
>> 'domain1.com' is set up as 'virtual domain' (maybe you already see
>> something contrary here: "VIRTUALDOMAIN" vs. "SYSTEM [alias]"?!?!)

> yes, I know that...
> my purpose on this system alias.. maybe I can create one system alias
> address for all the vitual domain ..

I try to repeat it in simple words: you *can't* /SYSTEM ALIAS/ a
/VIRTUAL DOMAIN/. Got it? If you want an alias for an address in a
virtual domain you have to put the alias dot-qmail file to where the
domain resist.
If you want one and the same username part being an alias in multiple
domains you have to create multiple files unless the domains are already
aliased to each other (vaddaliasdomain vs. vadddomain).


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