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On Friday, August 8, 2003 at 3:23:33 AM you wrote (at least in part):

>>> if I installed the vpopmail , is the qmail system alias still working?
>> Yes.

> I have been try to create one system alias at
> /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-testing and content is &[EMAIL PROTECTED]

> assume on my vpopmail have two vitual domain they are domain1.com and
> domain2.com
> I try to send a mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and when check at qmailctl queue
> it bouncing

Why is it bouncing?
Beside this: if you set up 'domain1.com' being handled as 'virtual
domain' and told vpopmail to take care of it it's quite normal and
intended that '/var/qmail/alias/.qmail-...' will not work for this
domain. That's what the domains directory is for.
Once again: you set the domain up with 'vadddomain', you therefore
told qmail how to handle this domain. Why should qmail look in the
'fall back' location for delivery instructions?

Get a clue how qmail-send and qmail-local works, read how
'virtualdomains' and '/var/qmail/users/cdb' (binary version of
'assign') is used by qmail. And than recognize why an alias for
'[EMAIL PROTECTED]' needs to be defined in
'~vpopmail/domains/domain1.com/' and why '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' /NEVER/
can be a /SYSTEM ALIAS/ when 'domain1.com' is set up as 'virtual
domain' (maybe you already see something contrary here:
"VIRTUALDOMAIN" vs. "SYSTEM [alias]"?!?!)
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