Here's a snippet of vpopmail's (from line 106 in 5.3.23)....

    chmod 755 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@
    chmod 755 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/include
    chmod 755 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/etc
    chmod 755 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/doc
    chmod 755 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/doc/man_html
    chmod 755 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/doc/doc_html
    chmod 755 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/bin
    chmod 700 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/@domains_dir@
    chmod 711 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/bin/*
    chmod 444 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/include/*
    chmod 444 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/doc/doc_html/*

Can anyone besides me see the problem? To make vpopmail distribution-friendly, I symlinked /home/vpopmail/bin to /usr/sbin (where I feel the files belong in the first place). So everything in /usr/sbin is set to rwx--x--x. Because I installed qmail via my distribution's installation tool, its binaries are located in /usr/sbin.

Needless to say, the mail server was broken.

There is no good reason to change permissions on all these files anyway; just install them properly in the first place and there's no reason they would get changed (unless the sysadmin wanted them changed, for whatever reason).

The would be a lot simpler and less system-intrusive if it used the 'install' command instead of mkinstalldirs/cp/chown/chmod.

Would it be more helpful if I wrote up a patch for this? I have hardly any time for the next 3 weeks, but figured this issue ought to be brought to people's attention as soon as possible.

Adam Hooper

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