I've had a problem for quite some time now and it never got answered on the
list, so I made a work around.  Was previously running domain-based maildrop
filters by piping to maildrop in my .qmail-default file but I ran into
problems with that.  For some reason, and I could never figure out exactly
what or where it was coming from, vpopmail would appear to intermittently
exit out with an error that would cause maildrop to exit tmpfail and requeue
the message.  It would only happen when spam was trying to deliver to
accounts that didn't exist.  maildrop would do what it was supposed to do
and hand it off to vpopmail, but every once in a while vpopmail would exit
with an error code other than 0 and the message would get requeued.  This
would, and rather quickly, gunk up the queue with a TON of "sorry, no
mailbox here by that name" rejections that would never get delivered.  If
anybody knows about this, it would be of great help.

To get past the problem, instead of having maildrop hand the message back to
vpopmail I'm just having maildrop deliver it directly by putting .qmail
files inside each users's directory.  This seems to work just great for
filtering purposes, but for some damn reason quotas aren't being enforced.
I've read the man files for maildrop and discovered that it gets the quota
from a MAILDIRQUOTA env variable, so I set that like this:

MAILDIRQUOTA=`/home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -q [EMAIL PROTECTED]

When it comes time for delivery, after the filtering, right now I've just
got this:

to "./Maildir/"

maildrop delivers the message just fine, but it never changes the
maildirsize file.  Quotas never get enforced.  I tried piping it off to the
deliverquota program that comes with the maildrop suite but no dice their

to "| /usr/local/bin/deliverquota ./Maildir/"

I must be missing something, and I'm hoping somebody can help.


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