On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, Jeff Hedlund wrote:

> Charles Sprickman wrote:

> > Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

> > I wasn't seeing this under 5.3.21...
> What's the problem that has returned?

That line should look like:


> Isn't that the correct delivery to line (at least for the way vpopmail
> has handled it, [EMAIL PROTECTED])?

Unless the line is supposed to be telling me something other than who it
was delivered to, no. :)

> Perhaps I missed a thread on the previous problem...

I vaguely recall someone bringing this up not too long ago.  I think they
were using that header in some odd config where an exchange server was
pulling all the mail out of a catchall box.  When the header changed, it
broke their setup.  I think they were beaten down for using exchange or
somesuch thing, but I don't recall what the final decision was.  I only
know it worked under 5.3.21...


> Jeff

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