hello qmail users

I'm from switzerland and I don't speak very well english. but i hope you
understand me!

i build my qmail server with the instructions from
http://ndhsoft.com/qmailtoaster.htm. Everything works fine since 1 month.
even i added a domain, i gave the quotas in vqadmin for 5 MB (5242880
Bytes). and the vqadmin transfer it correctly to the .qmailadmin-limits
file. in qmailadmin he shows me the correct quota to (5MB) / pop account.
now I wonted to test my quotas and I have recognize that they won't work. I
try to describe you step by step my problem:

i made a new pop3 account. hi's quota is 5MB. no mails are in this mailbox.
vuserinfo [mailadress] shows me 0% usage. that's correct!
now i send a email with 2.5 MB. vuserinfo shows me 0% - that's not correct!
now i set the quotas again with vsetuserquota 5242880
now, vuserinfo shows the correct quota usage ( 50%).
now i sent a email again, for this with 4 MB attachement (qmail has now to
block this mail. the destination mailbox is full then)
but qmail accepts this message.
vuserinfo shows 50% and he don't addet the new mail.
if a run vsetuserquota again, he shows me a overfull mailbox with 140% quota
usage. but i can reciev mor mails on this account. he don't block the mails!
now I erased mails until I have 2.5 MB of mails in my mailbox.
vuserinfo shows me 140% usage.
if i run vsetuserquota again, he shows me correct 50% usage. strange, not?

conclusio: qmail don't count up the quotas. he only count down when I erase

where are the quotas definied in qmail? i couldn't find any informations
about these in the internet.

can anybody help me?

greets, chrigi hartmann

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