Hi all,

        I have a working installation of qmail+qmailadmin+sqwebmail+vpopmail+mysql, 
and as some of you may have already notice, if a user modify her/his 
preferences throught qmailadmin to forward+store a local copy of messages, 
qmailadmin just insert something like "&[EMAIL PROTECTED]
/home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain/myuser/Maildir/" in the userīs .qmail. Since 
the e-mail is delivery to the user Maildir without being passed to 
vdelivermail the maildirsize file is not updated, so the user can bypass 
his/her quota! There are similar problems when using spamassassin with per 
user configuration. 
        Is there a way to update the maildirsize file  throught a external program, 
one that can be run by a crontab job for example? 

Christian Lyra


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