I have a filter that moves incoming "virus found" msgs in my Admin account to a subfolder so that I can observe what kind of virus flow/traffic is hitting my domains. I had intended to write a little perl/mrtg processor and make some pretty graphs to WOW! my customers.

And then.... this asswipe SoBig variant worm hits this week and I've got thousands of "virus found" notices now, still arriving at almost 1 per minute.

I want to physically pull the mail message files out of the Admin user's "virus found" folder (below INBOX) and just save them in a tar.gz file until I write my scripts and process them.

Q: Any harm in leaving qmail/vpopmail up and running while working at the file system level to move the messages out of the Maildir tree?
I DO NOT want to risk damaging this account, since it's my real Admin account.

Help appreciated.

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