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I want to build a mail gateway to deny incoming SMTP for unknown virtual domain users by building it with the chkuser patch (correct patch name?).

I use MySQL for my user database on the mail server.

Can I hook the gateway (via VPN) to the user database on the mail server for the auth checks?? I haven't worked with the chkuser patch so this is very new ground for me. No, I'd rather not start replicating MySQL databases if I can help it. I want the gateway to save resources for scanning virii and stopping this Sobig crap.

The short answer is no. The chkuser patch does check local settings and read local files such as .qmail-default to check on the bounce-no-mailbox settings. It also won't check for domains not listed in virtualdomains.

I suppose it could be hacked to operate correctly but a quick glace at the patch tells me I'd have to read through the vpopmail source to see how it handles alias's etc and if it reads them from a local disk store as well.

What you COULD do, is mount the vpopmail home dir over NFS and maybe the qmail/control and qmail/users and run it as a second delivery mail server. That would work and remove the problem with my above statements.


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