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On Fri, 22 Aug 2003 12:17:36 +0300 (WET) Evren Yurtesen wrote:
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>>> I know this is not the right list but do you know how can I change the
>>> qmail's queue directory nicely? :) Is a little symlink to another
>>> location would do? or would sacrifice too much of performance?

>> It should work and not impact on performance /too/ much, but why do you
>> want to change the location?
>> But be aware the queue is empty before you switch over, files names used
>> in queue directory are 'Inode-bound', simply moving the queue files will
>> break them.

> I want to change it because current queue directory is in /var/qmail/queue
> and I figured out that the 256mbyte in /var filesystem might be
> insufficient if there comes too much emails with attachments from my
> customers at the same time. Plus the undeliverable ones etc.

What about an extra partition for '/var/qmail/queue' that's simply
mounted there? No need for symlinking, lots of space, not affected by a
possible overflow in '/var/log', etc , etc ...

> I thought I might use this qmail queue fix tool from qmail web page. I
> simply dont know how to empty the queue ?

Stop the SMTPD for no new mails coming in. Make your best attempt to
stop processes that might inject mails locally.
Send 'qmail-send' process an 'ALRM' signal. Wait.

You'll /NOT/ loose any external mail that can't be delivered due to the
fact the SMTP is down, /IF/ the foreing MTAs are configured correctly.
They should keep the message "in queue" for several days until your MTA
is up again (if you don't even have a backup MX for your domain).

> Previously I had bad experience with lock/trigger file in queue directory.

Maybe because 'qmail-send' still ran when you did something on this
file? It's 'fifo', a 'name pipe' and qmail-send keeps a handle opened on
this file. Stop qmail-send before moving anything and if you've any
trouble moving 'lock/trigger' "as is" use 'mkfifo' to recreate it at
it's new location.

> I also wonder how to regenerate it with correct options in the new
> filesystem. :) There was supposed to be a make command for that but :)

'make setup' in qmail source tree will generate the queue structure.

But you can easliy

pushd /var/qmail/queue
find . -type d | \
(cd /path/to/new/queue/dir; 
while read $DIRECTORY; do mkdir "$DIRECTORY" && \
chown --reference=/var/qmail/queue/$DIRECTORY && \
chmod --reference=/var/qmail/queue/$DIRETORY ;

It's then two files to copy: './lock/{sendmutex,tcpto}' and the fifo
'./lock/trigger' that has to be created and you're done with creating a
new, clean qmail-queue-structure.

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