Casey Zacek writes:

> Basically, I'm looking for any pointers for getting vpopmail,
> maildrop, and sqwebmail working together nicely.

Since it's been a long time since you've looked at it, you will probably
be surprised to learn that sqwebmail now supports the generation of
maildrop filter files.  When used as part of the Courier MTA I believe
that they integrate seamlessly.  When used with vpopmail they don't
integrate at all.

The vpopmail and qmailadmin teams are still deciding the best way of
handling things.  I posted one workaround here a week or two ago that
patches vdelivermail in a way that means nothing else has to change and,
more importantly for me, qmailadmin can be used as is to administer
domains.  That is especially important to me now that the newer versions
of qmailadmin allow more ways of controlling what happens to mail for
unknown users (delete, bounce, drop in nominated maildir, forward to
external mail address) - I didn't want to lose any of that functionality.

As for quotas, I don't know.  They're not something I've had to play with
because we prefer to permit clients to go over quota so our accounts
department can send them a nice mail saying their options are to delete
old mails or pay us for additional disk space.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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