Not quite sure how your setup is.. but I finally got maildrop/vpopmail
working for me by using a version of vpopmail that has the seekable patch
and putting a .qmail file inside each user's directory who wants a spam

It has worked out beneficially for me because the spam filter can now be set
on a per-user basis instead of a per-domain basis when I was doing it
through .qmail-default.  Quotas seem to work just fine with both maildrop
1.3.8 and 1.6.0, I haven't really noticed a difference.  It supposedly
ignores the MAILDIRQUOTA variable now and just reads the maildirquota file,
but I haven't removed the MAILDIRQUOTA variable from my maildrop script
either.  Haven't seen a need for it, system is performing just fine and I
doubt removing that line would make a very notiacable different.  A thing to
note about the .qmail method inside each user's directory is that vpopmail
hands the message off to maildrop and maildrop then acts as the delivery
agent in place of vpopmail.

The other cool thing about having it on a per-user basis is that I don't
need to worry about people clobbering their .qmail-default file with
qmailadmin.  Hope that helps some..


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It's been a long long time since I last looked at this stuff, but I
really want/need to implement it.

1 - qmail - is simple.
2 - vpopmail + maildrop - this is where i am now (again).

As I recall it, my problems went something like this:

A. I had to "mkdir courier" when building maildrop to get it to read
MAILDIRQUOTA from the environment.

B. I had to write some shell scripts to wrap maildrop for the actual
delivery, basically to take the place of vdelivermail.  Right now, I'm
not sure why, but I think it was in order to get quotas working
properly; setting the MAILDIRQUOTA, HOME, and DEFAULT environment
vars.  In the end, they call "maildrop -d vpopmail .mailfilter"

I had to patch vpopmail to use these scripts instead of vdelivermail.

C. I had apparently patched vdominfo to add a -A flag to display
domain aliases.

D. I had apparently patched vpopmail to not allow one to delete a
domain if there were aliases for it.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I really looked at this stuff.
The last version of vpopmail I looked at was 5.3.3, and the last
version of maildrop I looked at was 1.3.8.  I just looked at the
changelog for maildrop up to 1.6.0, and I see that there was some work
on the quota handling, so I might not need my shell scripts anymore.

Basically, I'm looking for any pointers for getting vpopmail,
maildrop, and sqwebmail working together nicely.  I'll be using MySQL
on the backend for vpopmail, and (of course?) Maildirs for storing the

Thanks in advance..

Casey Zacek
Senior Engineer
NeoSpire, Inc.

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