your problem seems to be with your POP3 server. Not directly about
vpopmail. Is that UW-IMAP pop3 server? I would suggest trying courier-imap
pop3d, I think that would be most widely used with vpopmail and with
Maildir format.
if still doesnt work then perhaps your imap server cant read some files or
something... its difficult to tell more for me, hopefully somebody who use
the same imap package can help you better.
You can try to run your imap server in debugging mode etc. too that would
greatly help in learning where the error is


On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, System wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am on Redhat 7.3 with Qmail+vPopMail+QmailAdmin.
> I want to use Outlook Express for my mails but vpopmail is not
> authenticating the mail account from outlook.
> These are my configure options :
> ./configure --enable-roaming-users=y --en
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] --enable-logging=y --enable-defaultquota=2
> 0971520S --enable-ip-alias-domains=y --enable-passwd=y --enable-clear-passwd
> =n --enable-domain-quotas=n --enable-mysql=y --enable-incdir=/usr/include/my
> sql --enable-libdir=/usr/local/lib/mysql --enable-many-domains=n --enable-au
> th-logging=y --enable-mysql-logging=y --enable-valias=y --enable-mysql-limit
> s=n
> I have tried using POP3 and IMAP but still it Fails the maillog shows :
> Aug 31 00:08:31 eric ipop3d[12670]: pop3 service init from
> Aug 31 00:08:35 eric ipop3d[12670]: Command stream end of file while reading
> line [EMAIL PROTECTED] host=[]
> I tried this :
> telnet 110
> Trying
> Connected to
> Escape character is '^]'.
> +OK POP3 [] v2001.78rh server ready
> +OK User name accepted, password please
> pass postme
> -ERR Bad login
> -ERR Autologout; idle for too long
> Connection closed by foreign host.
> I have checked for the Archives and Recompiled with --enable-roaming-users=y
> but still i am not able to use outlook.
> I can use Sqwebmail with the same virtual login without any problems then
> why outlook does this to me ?
> I checked for some real users for the same and they are also working fine.
> Any Help will be appreciated, Thanks in Advance.
> Tina.

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